19 May, 2010

Wednesday Moment - From the mouths of babes

I spent last weekend at the Writers and Readers Festival where I was able to listen to a wide range of authors discuss a wide range of books. One of the best talks I went to was given by authors Rachel King and Paula Morris, at which Paula Morris talked about (among other things) her latest young adult novel, Ruined, a sort of ghost-story-slash-murder-mystery set in New Orleans.

One of her favourite letters, she said, that she had a received from a reader was from a twelve-year-old boy, who asked her if she could please write a sequel to Ruined set in New York, "But don't call it Ruined 2."

It's nice to know that children still have better taste in titles than movie producers, and Ruined is now on my to-be-read pile.

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